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Graduation dental tips for fabulous smile.

May and June are the Graduation months! The time that all graduating students and the family have long been waiting for. The moment that will become one of the most memorable days in your life!

Pictures of you wearing your cap and gown are going to be everywhere but is your smile perfect enough for this important picture? The graduation picture will be looked back years after the picture day numerous times by the graduates and their families.

Graduations time is also an extremely busy time for the graduates for themselves and the families, getting ready for the finals, completing the subject matter, and embarking on the next level in education or a career. Perhaps one of the last things that a graduate or relative thinks about is the precious, memorable pictures that they need to be in.

So what can we do to improve our smile for the special day?

Here are some easy tips from us at Madison Avenue Dentists, P.C. by Dr. Stella Oh and Dr. Ash Estafan.


  1. Before getting graduation photos taken, make sure to get a dental check-up and cleaning with a dentist. A simple dental cleaning and tooth polishing will brighten up your smile! Additionally, we know that there are numerous students who are to busy to take care of their teeth and consume lots of sugary food during finals. Getting a simple exam and cleaning can also detect oral problems earlier and can be addressed immediately.

  2. Tooth whitening can also help give you that beautiful smile, in conjunction with the dental cleaning. Many hard-working students drink coffee or tea regularly and the stains can be accumulated within a few months.

    Through a professional teeth whitening treatment, you can easily get your pearly whites to really turn white.

  3. If you have teeth that are crowded leading you to have underbites and overbites, you should consider having clear braces. You may not be able to complete the clear aligner treatment before the graduation since clear aligner treatment takes a few months to complete. However, straighter teeth will give you eventually more beautiful smile and also easier to clean.

    Remember, beautiful, straight teeth will help you to smile brighter – this will always help you to catapult you to achieve success, happiness, and better health.

  4. As for chipped, misshapen teeth, Dr. Stella Oh or Dr. Estafan can simply restore with tooth colored filling. If you want to correct more advanced size discrepancy and misalignment, veneers may be the solution to improve your smile. Your teeth can look fabulous with just a couple of visits to the dentist. This process is guaranteed to give you a dazzling smile for your graduation day and many years after.


Graduating from school means going on another phase of your life. And if you’re a graduating college student, this is another reason for you to really take care of your teeth. As a high school or college student, one may have had regular dental care thanks to your parents.

It is not so uncommon that many young college graduates neglect their dental health after graduation. However, teeth are one of the strongest organs in the body that do not give you any warning signals until it is too late with a simple appointment.

A beautiful, unforgettable smile is the best accessory one can wear.

If you would like to make an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Oh, and Dr. Estafan, please reach out to us!

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