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Dental Implants: What Are The Advantages of Dental Implants?

We always want to keep our teeth.

Surprisingly, almost 170 million individuals in the US loses no less than one tooth in their mouth, as per American College of Prosthodontics.

Teeth can be lost because of a variety of reasons including rotted tooth (dental caries), cracked teeth, abscess in teeth. And all the different explanations behind losing a teeth.

Implants is a trade for a whole tooth. An implant is an operationally placed titanium post which serves as the root of a tooth. It is placed right into the jawbone under a regular local anesthesia.

While that sounds scary, it’s generally a painless and very predictable procedure. If you can handle extraction of a regular tooth (except an impacted wisdom tooth) then you can tolerate a dental implant placement surgery.

Dr. Stella Oh and Dr. Ash Estafan are expert prosthodontists. They specialized in restorative dentistry.

The goal of Madison Avenue Dentists is to make our patients feel whole again. To give them back their ability to smile, to see their beautiful smile again, and for them to be able to speak or eat the food that they love.

In contrast to dentures, it doesn’t actually relax up. As indicated by specialists, dental inserts are valuable to oral wellbeing since they are anchored immovably like extensions.

Here are the normal favorable circumstances of dental inserts teeth:


Improving Facial Features

This is one of the benefits of having dental implants. It keeps the bone and avoids the dropping of a person’s facial structure. As a result, it vividly improves appearance and maintains our patient’s youthful look.

When you just had a tooth extraction, of course, that part in your bone begins to shrink and it is just like when our muscles are not being used. This is why it is best to have dental implants installed when you had tooth extractions. See our blog about why you should replace your missing teeth here.

Now what if you won’t replace your missing teeth. The visible results are: the lips fold in, your lower face shrinks and it creates a witch-like chin, and it develops wrinkles that creates “marionette lines” all around the mouth.

This makes a person look much older. There’s no way “one missing tooth” is just fine. If you want to maintain your younger appearance, always consider replacing your missing teeth.

One missing tooth can possibly ruin your natural appearance!

Restoring Smile Naturally

Who wouldn’t want natural teeth? Dental implants are substitutes of the whole tooth, including its root.

They are made to make your smile work and appear just like a natural tooth. As it gets more natural, no one can even determine that it is a dental implant-supported smile!

Dr. Stella Oh Dr. Stella Oh is a highly accomplished surgically trained prosthodontist who practices at Madison Avenue Dentists, PC. Dr. Oh provides all levels of dentistry, from routine care to full mouth reconstructions involving dental implant surgeries. She has completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from NYU College of Dentistry and further finished a 3-year prosthodontic residency and 2-year Dental Implant Surgical Fellowship. Furthermore, she has taught at NYU College of Dentistry for numerous years while maintaining a private practice. "Learning should never stop" according to Dr. Oh, "and educating patients about dental care is important." Dr. Oh continuously researches new science and technology in dentistry to improve patient care and the successful outcome of her treatments. She implements a cutting edge scientific approach with an integrative concept in mind. "Mouth is not a separate part of one's body," says Dr. Oh, "but it should consider as an important part of overall health."

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