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Patient with Hypodontia now has a Natural Smile

What is Hypodontia

Hypodontia is an inherited condition characterized by developmentally missing teeth, without taking the absent third molars into account.

Jennifer H. suffers from a genetic defect known as Hypodontia (congenitally missing teeth or tooth agenesis) that resulted in her adult teeth not developing properly. Unfortunately, this is something that runs in her family, and they did not have the resources when she was younger to have her teeth properly corrected. At age 15, Jennifer had some work done that resulted in her having 1 implant and a mix of baby and adult teeth.

“I felt very uncomfortable smiling for so many years and you have no idea what it does to ones self esteem through the years from a teenager to adulthood”, shared Jennifer.

As she got older, Jennifer began the lengthy process researching for a permanent solution for her congenitally missing teeth; with a goal of having a natural smile. Through the years she went to 9 different prosthodontists in order to find the right one that she could trust. Jennifer explained, “This was a big decision due to the amount of missing teeth I had due to my hypodontia and it was expensive.”

Finding the Right Dentist in NYC for Hypodontia

Still not feeling 100% confident that she had found the best prosthodontist in NYC with a plan that made sense, she continued her search for a cosmetic dentist with additional training. Jennifer found Dr. Stella Oh. She was impressed with her additional years of training and certifications in Implant Dental Surgery and Prosthodontics, as well as her positive reviews. Jennifer decided to schedule a consultation.

“I was extremely impressed with how comprehensive our consultations were. Dr. Stella Oh really took her time and was focused to find the proper aesthetic that works with my face. Some of my jawbone was broken which also had to be corrected. I could tell that she was very picky in her work. She approached it more like an artist with a goal to give me a natural smile. It was a completely different experience than what I had with other prosthodontists”, shares Jennifer.

Madison Avenue Dentist Excellent Dental Services

Jennifer further explained, “I was most impressed that Dr. Stella Oh created a custom plan for me that included incremental improvements. My custom plan was to have work done every 6 months that included dental implants, laser gum treatment, porcelain crowns, dental implant crowns, and porcelain veneers for my top front teeth. The plan also helped in spreading the expense of the investment. The work was completed and she completely fixed my teeth. I now have a natural smile with the proper aesthetic look that works with my face and smile.”

“Dr. Oh takes great pride in her work. She is an artist and not just a cosmetic dentist. I feel like I got lucky to finally find someone who was also invested in providing me with a natural smile. She did such an amazing job that my brother who has a worse case of hypodontia is now having work done as well by Dr. Stella Oh. It is wonderful to be able to smile without hesitation.”

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