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Porcelain Veneers the Long Term Solution for Whiter Teeth

Porcelain Veneers: Why Maureen Needs It

Like so many of us Maureen O. cannot live without her morning coffee. She enjoys red wine, and drank soda growing up. Unfortunately over time the acids weakened her enamel that left her with porous and yellow teeth. She became self-conscious of her stained teeth and looked for a solution for whiter teeth from bonding to porcelain veneers.

“Unfortunately, my teeth are porous and that led to bad staining. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t want to get to close to people due to my teeth not being white and yellow. So I initially had bonding performed on my discolored teeth by my previous dentist when I lived in Philadelphia”, explains Maureen

Regrettably, over time the bonding did not last and her tooth discoloration returned, resulting in her feeling anxious again when smiling.

How She Found Madison Avenue Dentists Clinic

After moving to NYC, she decided to find a dentist close to her work, so she could conveniently schedule her dental appointments around her lunchtime or right after work.

Maureen researched online for not just a dentist, rather a cosmetic dentist (Prosthodontist) who could also help her with her stained teeth. She came across Dr. Stella Oh and was immediately impressed by her extensive background in Prosthodontics as well as her positive reviews.

Maureen initially met Dr. Stella Oh to have the bonding on her teeth redone, a checkup and cleaning. “I was impressed with Dr. Oh from my first visit. She is very knowledgeable, intelligent, explained things thoroughly and not pushy. Dr. Oh explained that bonding is not the best option if I wanted to keep my teeth white longer, and I should consider porcelain veneers. Unfortunately, at that time I could not afford them. I really appreciated Dr. Oh not being “pushy” about getting veneers and did the bonding”, explains Marueen. Dr. Oh did provide some pointers of foods to stay away from and other things that Maureen could do to keep her teeth staying white for longer.

“I enjoy coffee every morning and just can’t give it up. I tried to stay away from red wine. After I drank red wine, I would then try to brush my teeth to reduce the staining. Unfortunately, over time my teeth started to stain again”, stated Maureen.

“My dental benefits kicked in with my new job in NYC, and I decided to invest in myself with a long term solution for whiter teeth. So I decided to have porcelain veneers”, shared Maureen.

Getting Porcelain Veneers

Maureen further explained, “As I started to consider that I would get porcelain veneers for my teeth, I started to get nervous. My biggest fear was that the porcelain veneers would look like I had fake teeth and change my original smile. Also, I knew that it was expensive and I did not want to regret my decision. I saw before and after pictures of other patients that Dr. Oh helped with porcelain veneers and I was impressed with how real the teeth looked. We had many discussions about my concern of them looking fake and Dr. Oh assured me that I would end up with a natural smile”. Dr. Oh explained, “We are very picky on the lab we use to have the veneers created, since it is a huge priority to have the porcelain veneers work with the patients face and look really natural.”

Maureen began the process to get her porcelain veneers in August and she knew she made the right decision. Dr. Oh was very precise even during the temporaries and she assured me that the end result will look like my natural teeth” explained Maureen

“I am really glad that I got them done and I have a natural smile. I am no longer concerned about smiling since I have whiter teeth, and I now have more confidence. Also, it is nice to be able to wear darker color make-up and get dressed up, because my smile is nicer. To have a pretty smile has a direct impact on your whole face”, exclaims Maureen.

“Dr. Stella Oh is a perfectionist and that is what you want in a Prosthodontist.”

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