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There are many documented benefits of smiling.¹ It makes us feel good, it makes people around us feel good and it has a physiologic health benefit. But what about laughter?

Sitting in the dental chair is stressful. Even if your dentist is excellent, it’s nerve-racking to get through treatment. Stress increases cortisol levels² which can lead to weight gain³, sleep and mood problems and can set the stage for increased blood pressure and type 2 diabetes4.

Increased cortisol can also interfere with brain functions like memory5 and predispose one to infections including periodontal (gum) disease6.

Stress can also lead to a dry mouth (a major risk factor for tooth decay7) as well as tooth grinding or clenching – which can cause teeth to break or wear away – creating more need to be in the dentist chair.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Allow me to show you how it helps the dental patient. Medical research has demonstrated laughter lowers cortisol8 (a hormone that rises with stress) in addition to reducing epinephrine9 (think suppressing fight or flight reactions) meanwhile stimulating systems that make us feel good.

Take an anxious dental patient about to sit for a filling, crown or surgery. A moment taken to laugh can greatly diffuse anxiety related to the imminent procedure. And it’s been proven – pre-surgical induction of laughter reduced pre-op anxiety and post-op pain10

Laughter can also improve pain tolerance. Laughter helps us recover from a stressful event11 It improves the health of the immune system12 to better help us fight infections like gum disease. It’s as if laughter is there to specifically to help us get through dental visits.

Have you ever felt an endorphin rush after a workout? If not, stop reading now this and go work out, hard. Seriously, go. Similar to exercise, laughter can act as a physical work out, releasing some of the same hormones that make us feel really good.

Another similarity is that laughter burns calories – although not as quickly as running or swimming, but the more you laugh, the more you will lose weight.

As we laugh, our organs and systems get more oxygen and become healthier – reducing the need for medications like antidepressants and blood pressure.

Laughing improves our ability to heal from illness and also to heal faster from most surgical procedures.

The list of advantages to laughter is seemingly endless.


We created a partial list below. By contrast, there are very few reasons not to laugh – and even those are subject to debate.

FIGURE 1: Sense of Humor Benefits to Dental and Overall Health

FIGURE 2: Sense of Humor Benefits to Dental and Overall Health

Put simply, Laughter lengthens and improves quality of life13 – So if you haven’t laughed yet today, get on it – you can thank (and laugh at me) later. And if your dentist doesn’t have a sense of humor, call us. We’ll put a smile on your face.



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Dr. Stella Oh Dr. Stella Oh is a highly accomplished surgically trained prosthodontist who practices at Madison Avenue Dentists, PC. Dr. Oh provides all levels of dentistry, from routine care to full mouth reconstructions involving dental implant surgeries. She has completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from NYU College of Dentistry and further finished a 3-year prosthodontic residency and 2-year Dental Implant Surgical Fellowship. Furthermore, she has taught at NYU College of Dentistry for numerous years while maintaining a private practice. "Learning should never stop" according to Dr. Oh, "and educating patients about dental care is important." Dr. Oh continuously researches new science and technology in dentistry to improve patient care and the successful outcome of her treatments. She implements a cutting edge scientific approach with an integrative concept in mind. "Mouth is not a separate part of one's body," says Dr. Oh, "but it should consider as an important part of overall health."

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