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Your Dental Insurance Benefits – Use It or Lose It!

It is official! Thanksgiving is over and the Holidays are here. During this hectic time of year, we find ourselves creating lists like holiday parties and holiday gift giving; But have you made time for yourself? Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give oneself and dental care should be a healthcare priority.

Think of this as a friendly reminder. You need to check your remaining dental insurance benefits and Flex Spending balance. If you do not use it you may lose it on January 1st. If you are enrolled in Flex Spending, dental co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses can be paid for with your remaining Flex Spending balance. Dental insurance benefits and Flex Spending balances do not rollover into the New Year, and that means that you could be losing out on hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned dollars.

The Perks of Dental Insurance

Do you remember how you felt about having the perk of dental insurance? Dental insurance is a luxury. According to a recent survey by Kaiser Family Foundation, only 68% of US companies that offer healthcare benefits offer some sort of dental benefits. Unlike health insurance, dental insurance benefits provide you with a number of checkups and cleanings, as well as a specific dollar amount to spend on your care each year. Did you get that second checkup and cleaning this year? If not, then take the time to get your teeth whiter this Holiday Season.

“Sometimes patients do not know how much money they have available with their dental benefits. A patient recently came in and was surprised that she was able to get invisaligns without spending a penny out of her pocket. We can help you find out how much benefit you have available.”

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So, if you have been delaying those veneers, dental implants, a dental bridge, or a porcelain crown, those need to be scheduled immediately.

It is not too late to schedule a smile makeover for 2017. It is up to you to give yourself a gift of a natural smile and a better you. Time is running out for you to look your best before the New Year.

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