Holiday Dental Tips: Have a Healthy White Smile

The holiday season is here and many of us are gearing up for the parties and events.  All of us place great effort in making us look great for these special occasions.


Despite the joyfulness and excitement, the holiday season can inevitably be tough on your teeth. The extra treats can add havoc on your dental health if not kept clean.  

So how can you avoid having dental problems and still enjoy the Holiday treats?

Follow these important tips below to steer away from emergency visits to the dental office this Christmas season.  Many of us would want to go to the dentist office for that white healthy smile, not because of accidentally chipped tooth or fillings coming out or advanced decay.

Holiday Dental Tip #1: Drink Water Whenever Possible


Drinking water instead of sugary soda or wine or any dark drinks will keep your teeth white and healthy.  Drinking water in between eating food will also help to reduce the amount of plaque. If you must drink dark drinks, you could drink water right away to minimize the effects of dark drinks.

Holiday Dental Tip #2: Desserts during Main Meals or as Snacks


It is better to savor your sweet treats at meal times rather than expand them out throughout the course of the day. If you are having some chocolate, eat it at one sitting rather than having a few pieces periodically throughout the day.  

Holiday Dental Tip #3: Say No to Chewy Snacks


Holiday candy bowls are often loaded with sweet chewy treats that can harm your teeth. Sticky goodies cling to tooth enamel and encourage tooth decay, and thick candies like caramel and taffy can easily pull out dental restorations. Avoiding them all together would be the best solution.

Holiday Dental Tip #4: Use proper tools to open packages and bottles

Some of us almost forget that teeth are used for eating not to open gifts or worse, drink bottles.

Gripping a package or stubborn bottle cap with your teeth can chip or break your teeth, especially the front ones.  


Although nuts are considered healthy, if consumed incorrectly, they can damage teeth. If you were to consume nuts that have shells on them, please do not use your teeth.  Your teeth should not be used as nutcrackers. Use a proper form of the Nutcracker and be careful not to chew on the shell.

Holiday Dental Tip #5: Avoid chewing on hard candy or ice cubes.


Chewing on ice or hard candy can lead to cracked teeth, which are painful and pricey to treat. Whether you’re enjoying a sweet or finishing the ice in your drink, let it dissolve naturally. Perhaps skipping the hard cardy, unless sweetened with Xylitol, would be the best.   Make sure to dissolve the xylitol mints or candy and not chew on them.

Holiday Dental Tip #6: Avoid things that stain your teeth if you can


Dark drinks and food such as red wine, coffee, tea, dark berries can stain your teeth.

During the holiday season, wines and festive foods are everywhere. It’s also the period of year when we may drive our limits when it comes to delicious cocktails and half-pints of bubbly.

Although it’s a season of allowing ourselves to relax and celebrate it is still important to keep our holiday drinking under control.

If you want to protect your teeth, then here are some common food and drinks to avoid.

Holiday Dental Tip #7: Do not smoke


Smoking causes gum disease, tooth decay, and even mouth and other cancers as many of us know.  It will certainly stain your teeth and smoking will prevent your teeth to shine during holidays.

Holiday Dental Tip #9: Maintain Good Dental Hygiene Habits


Nothing beats the classic tip from your dentists. Always maintain regular flossing and brushing!

After your teeth and gums have battled with the different foods and drinks you took in for the holiday season, they deserve to be cleaned and treated.

After all, it’s all for your benefit. A healthy mouth will help you surpass the Christmas season without any toothaches and cavities!

Holiday Dental Tip #10: Schedule a Dental Check-up Before Holiday Season

Holiday Season Dental Check-up

You would be surprised to see the transformation of your teeth just by having a professional cleaning by our hygienist or doctors.

Cleaning visits are often covered 100% by dental insurance and the procedure is easy to endure and inexpensive.  

If you would want additional whitening, the best time to bleach your teeth would be right after cleaning.

No lipsticks or mouthwash can improve the breath and appearance of your smile!  We can also address any existing pathology of your teeth and gums during cleaning and check-up visits.

Any existing issues with your teeth are going to be exacerbated by the holiday treats and drinks.

If you have any concerns such as stains on your teeth, bad breath, gum disease, toothache, all of these can be addressed by a simple check-up before the holiday season.

Contact us today to make an appointment and let your teeth be shiny as they can be!