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Sinus Lift

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Dental implants are the most effective way to restore the appearance and function of your smile when you have missing teeth, but you need a stable jawbone to support them. If you want dental implants but don’t have jawbone loss, Stella Oh, DDS, at Madison Avenue Dentists, PC, in Midtown Manhattan, New York, can perform a minimally invasive sinus lift procedure to give you the support you need. For more information, call Madison Avenue Dentists, PC, or schedule an appointment online today.

Sinus Lift Q & A

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a procedure to add bone to the posterior maxilla, or upper back molar area. Dr. Oh recommends a sinus lift when there isn’t enough tooth-supporting bone for dental implants. The implants are small titanium posts, which are surgically placed into your jawbone to replace your tooth roots and support dentures or dental crowns.

Why would I need a sinus lift?

You may need a sinus lift if there isn’t enough bone height in your upper jaw to place dental implants without impacting your sinuses. Some common reasons for bone loss in the upper jaw are:

Gum disease

In its advanced stages, gum disease, or periodontal disease, can erode your healthy tooth-supporting bone and tissues.

Tooth loss

When you lose a tooth, your body naturally reabsorbs its tooth-supporting bone back into the body. That’s why it’s important to contact your dentist the moment you start losing teeth.

Maxillary sinus problems

The shape and size of the maxillary sinus varies and can even grow larger as you age. If the maxillary sinus is too close to your jawbone, then Dr. Oh can’t effectively place your implants without a sinus lift.

Another reason for a sinus lift is that the upper jaw naturally has less tooth-supporting bone than the lower jaw. If you lose molars in the back of your mouth, it can increase your chances of needing a sinus lift before implant surgery.

What happens during a sinus lift?

Dr. Oh is highly trained in sinus lift procedures and has a high success rate as a result. She relies on a conservative approach that requires little to no downtime after surgery.

Before the procedure, you and your physician at Madison Avenue Dentists, PC, must determine the source of your bone graft. The graft can be from another bone in your body (autogenous), sourced from a donor, or derived from an animal (xenograft). The team also takes X-rays, and CT scans to measure the height and width of your existing bone for proper placement of the graft.

During your sinus lift, Dr. Oh makes an incision in your gums to expose your jawbone. She then gently moves the membrane around the sinuses and replaces the empty space with your bone graft material. Finally, Dr. Oh closes the tissue and gums with stitches.

If the procedure is successful, Dr. Oh may place your dental implants immediately after the sinus lift. 

For more information on the sinus lift procedure, call Madison Avenue Dentists, PC, or book an appointment online.