The Surprising Power of a Smile

Never underestimate the power of a smile! 

Benefits of Smiling

When meeting someone for the first time, wouldn’t it be great to have the power to present yourself as confident and attractive? Believe or not, a simple, beautiful smile would do exactly that.

Smiling is our innate friendly gesture since it brings happiness towards other people when we smile at them and vice versa. Through smiling, you are already seen as confident and likable.  

The powerful impact of smiling was wonderfully illustrated at the TED2011 Talk by Ron Gutman.  Smiling is not only has an impact on your social life but also your longevity and health.


Social Impact

Benefits of Smiling in Your Career

Did you know that smiling makes you look confident and likable? That’s why a smile is always preferable at job and school interviews, social occasions and at work. It will make you feel good ( body also produces feel-good hormones) and smiling at someone will make the person feel better as well.

If you have a beautiful smile, people will see you as more approachable and start a conversation with. It’ll make people at ease since you’re going to seem sincere, relaxed, and someone reliable.  People will also perceive you as more confident and reliable.

As a matter of fact, Ron Guzman notes that based on the graduation pictures of students,(30-year longitudinal study at UC Berkeley), those that smiled had more fulfilling lives and had a successful marriage.

Perhaps our bodies are designed to be smiling.  Often babies in mother’s womb are already smiling and children are naturally known to smile as much as 400 times a day. ( Adults only smile about 30-40 times a day) Since it takes 113 muscles used in your face when you frown compared to smiling which only uses 12 muscles, frowning can be exhausting!

That’s why for each smile that you throw in, you’re already making it easier for your face along with giving people a positive impression of you.


Smiling and Being Confident

One of the first things people will see, especially if you’re working face-to-face with them, is your smile. You might think that your appearance wouldn’t contribute much to your career, but it definitely does!

According to various research, having a nice and charming smile and a successful career is associated with each other. That’s why having a great smile can be the key to the door of promotion and getting ahead. It will also help with connecting with people at your workplace. It can help improve your camaraderie and teamwork.

However, there are people who are embarrassed about smiling due to problems with their teeth due to the stains or broken teeth or halitosis. Teeth issues can limit your interaction with other people and this can make you seem unfriendly, incompetent, due to your avoidance of showing teeth or talking.

Please remember, these problems can be solved.  For people with issues with their teeth, don’t worry! Teeth issues can be corrected with just a single visit to your dentist.  

You will find out what needs to be done to improve. Once Dr. Oh or Dr. Estafan diagnose the root cause of the subpar appearance of your smile, you can be treated promptly

According to people who’ve had issues with their smile before and corrected them, they state that their lives have become positively improved when they can already openly smile.  This is because of the confidence they’re building up with having no fear of hiding something.

Your happiness will increase from smiling and feeling confident. A beautiful, confident smile will definitely help you reach higher in your career.


Smiling benefits to your Health

Showing those sparkling teeth and being confident activates neural messages which can affect your health and happiness. It makes your body release endorphins which can make you feel relaxed and improve your mood. It can also reduce stress levels and improve productivity.

But smiling’s not only limited to bringing you benefits, but smiling is also actually contagious! So you can just instantly smile at people and make them feel better as well.

Having a great smile also often related to having great teeth. This means that you are less prone to having diseases the more healthy your teeth are. So make sure to always be mindful of what goes into your mouth that can potentially affect your pearly whites.


The Power of A Smile In Your Career

Smiling is the universal language! It helps you convey great signs to others such as happiness, being likable and confident.  Your smile is important and should be taken care of. Feeling uncomfortable with your smile can negatively affect your career, health, and social life.

If you have any concerns about your smile please contact us.  We can help you to improve your smile as best it can be for many years to come.

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