Love Your Mouth: Valentine’s Day Quick Dental Tips

This coming Valentine’s Day, you’re probably going to spend a wonderful time with your loved ones. You are also probably enjoying that delicious piece of chocolate, cookie or any treats you receive to celebrate love.


We want to give hugs and kisses to our loved ones without worrying about our impression. This goes beyond our clothes, hair, makeup, and nails(for ladies). We want to be able to smile with full confidence not feeling embarrassed by bad breath, yellow teeth, and bleeding gums.,

A great, beautiful smile can help you make a huge impression at work, at social events, and at a dinner date.

Dr. Stella Oh at Madison Avenue Dentists wanted to share our “Love Your Mouth” Dental Tips.!

Take Care of Your Teeth!

When you go out on your date on Valentine’s Day, you want to be sure to leave a positive impression and a kiss that is sure to be remembered.


Here are our Love Your Mouth Tips!

  1. Have a good professional dental cleaning
  2. Consider doing a teeth whitening
  3. Have cavities repaired (it can cause pain, bad breath etc.)
  4. Have your gum disease treated (by deep cleaning or Arestin treatment)
  5. Brush your teeth twice each day and brush your tongue
  6. Floss at least once a day
  7. Keep your teeth looking healthy by having a regular appointment with your dentist twice a year
  8. Use xylitol flavored sugarless gum
  9. Avoid smoking and all tobacco products
  10. Drink water – it will help with bad breath better than other drinks
  11. Avoid a dry mouth and stay hydrated
  12. Minimize certain foods(garlic and onion) before social occasions.

If one or more of these habits are not part of your regular routine, it will be worth it to make them a regular part of your day.  These tips will help you tremendously not only for Valentine’s day but for all occasions in our every day lives.

White teeth and a beautiful smile are very noticeable, and it will help you be seen and remembered.   Whether it’s a date, family gathering or social occasion, your impression will be positive and beautiful

Get Your Smile Looking Their Best

If you are concerned about how your smile looks, you can get ready for your Valentine’s date by getting dental cleaning and teeth whitening treatment at your dentist’s office.   


This is one of the quickest ways to treat yourself and improving your health.  Routine dental cleanings and checkups are even covered at 100% by dental insurance coverage(if you have dental coverage), whereas your hair treatments may cost more!  

Additionally. there are different types of bleaching you could consider depending on what your budget is. See our teeth whitening article here for some additional tips: (link)

After doing the treatment, you can have confidence in your smile and you can be sure that your teeth sparkle as your eyes do.

Clean and Healthy Teeth For a Fresher Breath


Having white and clean teeth helps eliminate bad breath.  Especially on Valentine’s Day, we would want to minimize bad breath.   So why white and clean teeth are also good for your breath? Sparkly clean teeth mean less plaque that bacteria reside and produce bad odor as a by-product.

If you have not had a professional dental cleaning, you are likely to have calcified plaque deposits that can cause not only bad breath (sulfur smelling) but also gum disease.  

A great professional cleaning can help remove tartar, plaque and other bacteria that will cause bad breath.  Check our article about gum disease here.

Besides regular brushing and flossing, brushing your tongue will also help you to minimize bad breath.

Foods to Minimize


For the special Valentine’s event,  it is also important to know that bad breath can be caused by certain foods.

See our blog about the causes of bad breath here

Foods that are seasoned with onions, garlic, and other spices will make your breath smell offensive, especially you neglect to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth and tongue.

This means you want to think twice about what you would eat at that social event and whether or not you will be able to brush your teeth soon or not.

How Your Dentists Can Help You Look Great This Valentine’s Day?


Get ready for your Valentine’s day or any social event by visiting your dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry enables you to look your best when on a date – or at any occasion. A smile makeover is available, as well as any other dental care you may need.  No makeup or hair treatment can replace your smile and healthy teeth.

Madison Avenue Dentists are professional prosthodontists and cosmetic dentists in Manhattan New York. Meet Dr. Oh and Dr. Estafan here!

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